Items of interest.

Some other items of interest

Edmond Davenport was a generous donor to the Church in the 1680's, the coat of arms of Charles II displayed in the Church was his gift, he also gave a chalice and paten to the church in 1682 but unfortunately both were stolen in the late 1970’s. His monument is built into the chancel steps.

It is believed that the pulpit was given to the church by William Lee, Surveyor of the Navy in the reign of Queen Anne, who lived in Gore House in the parish. Originally the pulpit was part of a three decker pulpit, the lowest level for the clerk, who led the responses; the next where the priest would sit; and the highest the preaching level. It has been moved several times since it was frist given to the Church which has resulted in its door currently being next to the wall!

The three windows at the east end of the sanctuary, one of whcih is pictured below, have stained glass in memory of Catherine Seager who died in 1848. They were installed by the well known Victorian church restorer William Burgess and are thought to be the work of his designer Albert Saunders

The glass in the large window at the east end of the south aisle is to the memory of Alexander Hassell and his wife, placed there in 1889. The stonework of this window was replaced and the glass re-leaded exactly 100 years later.