Baptisms (often called Christenings), and confirmation preparation take place throughout the year.  Please contact the Vicar on 01322  227 153 or father.nick@btinternet.comundefined for more details, however first read our baptism policy and the notes below:

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Baptism notes

Baptism, like confirmation is the way that a person joins the Christian church.  Anyone may be baptised but confirmation is reserved for those who have reached the age of about 12 years. Adults who are baptised normally go on to confirmation at the earliest opportunity. 

There are normally 3 Godparents (although you can have more), traditonally for a girl this would be two women and a man, whilst for a boy it would be two men and a woman. Godparents must be baptised Christians, ideally they should be confirmed as well but we understand this is not always possible.

Baptisms take place on Sundays, normally during the 11am service or if preferred at 1pm, shortly after the main service. Only exceptionally are other times considered. 

If you would like your child to be baptised at St Margaret's, St John's or St Mary's please contact the Vicar in the first instance on 01322  227 153 or


Confirmation is administered by the Bishop on certain occasions throughout the year and is normally preceded by a programme of preparation.  

Confirmation preparation happens each year, usually beginning around February or March.  After confirmation one is considered a full member of the Church, is entitled to receive Holy Communion and can act as a Godparent. 

If you are considering baptism, confirmation please contact the Vicar to discuss your needs.

No fees are charged for baptism or confirmation, but a thank offering is appropriate and very welcome.

Thanksgiving for the birth of a child

A service of thanksgiving for the birth of a child is available as an alternative to those families who feel that baptism is not appropriate to them at their stage of faith.  This would take place in the context of a Sunday morning service or else at 1pm, shortly after the main service, again only exceptionally are other times considered.